Sunday, February 20, 2011

my hero

My daughter is my hero.
she has thought me so much. she thought me how to grow up a lot.
even tho she came to be wen i was 17
I'm still young at heart.
yes it is tough to be a young mother,
but i love every second of it.
she is my life,if you mess with her you mess with me.
my baby girl means the world to me.i would be lost without her.
my little monster is my pride and joy,she is the reason i live..
i may not have much but i still have her to come home to i know she is there to put a smile on my face every time..
theirs nothing more heartwarming and exiting then that feeling wen i walk threw the door and i hear the word "mommy" it warms my heart..
i try with every fiber of my being to be a good mother and teach her right from wrong,i really don't want her to grow up like me.
but no matter what Kendra will always be my hero.

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